Xbox 360 achievements gamerscore not updating

'Cause I used Profile Editor and when I did it, it didn't include my Xbox ONE achievements on the total score.Okay then how about this completely different question.

They won't give you cash but insyead reward you with Avatar items for participating in challenges and also give you Microsoft Points for renewing your Gold Membership, joining Netflix, taking a monthly survey, and other easy requirements.

This accumulated Gamerscore is then displayed on your profile and for many, defines your progress on the platform.

Every Achievement obtainable across the Xbox ecosystem has a score and rarity associated with it.

*The secret to unlocking 1,000 Gamerscore points in just 60 SECONDS! ***NOTE*** So as not to violate any copyright laws (and allow us to keep giving you great achievement tips), the exact names of the games have been slightly altered.

*Updates on the way, that will provide even MORE super easy Gamerscore points!

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