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Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights accuses the Jordan Ministry of Labour for turning a blind eye on the routine sexual abuse, repeated rape and sometimes even torture of Sri Lankan women who work in Classic, the largest garment export factory in Jordan. S.-Jordan Free Trade Agreement has also failed over the last ten years to protect the basic rights of the 30,000 foreign guest workers sewing garments for export to the U. One Bangladeshi worker recently deported from the Classic factory told us:"All the workers of Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh...everybody will testify that Anil raped the Sri Lankan women.

Everybody knows." "In a safe place, the workers will testify," the report states.

In the reporting period, due to recent government restrictions on the emigration of Sri Lankan women, fraudulent recruitment agents have increased their recruitment of Sri Lankan men to travel abroad.

In 2012, Sri Lankan victims of forced labor were identified in Israel.

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But the distance between the metacoxal articulations was significantly higher for females than males.Female weevils collected from the field in southeastern Florida were significantly larger than males in length of head, abdomen, and overall length.Females weight was approximately twice that of males.The workers, predominantly from South Asia including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Egypt, earn a take-home wage of just 61 cents an hour although the work is tough and the management abusive."The standard shift at Classic is 13 hours a day, six and seven days a week, with some 18 1/2 hour shifts before the clothing must be shipped to the U. According to witness testimonies, workers are routinely cursed at, hit and shortchanged of their wages for failing to reach their mandatory production goals.

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